The Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture

was founded in 2012 to preserve a very unique and timeless cultural tradition, the Vedic Tradition, a living oral tradition thousands of years old. The Vedic Tradition is maintained through Vedic Recitations and the Vedic Performances (Yagyas) as performed by the Vedic Pandits. These Vedic performances in Nepal and India are recognized by UNESCO as a significant part of the world’s cultural inheritance.  UNESCO has proclaimed the tradition of Vedic recitation as “a masterpiece of the oral and intangible heritage of humanity”.

A great deal had been accomplished regarding the support and training of Pandits in Nepal by the Nepal Maharishi Vedic Foundation. On the basis of these accomplishments the Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture can continue to build and expand this training. As Nepal is not able at this time to provide the necessary financing for this on their own, it was necessary to look for alternative sources for support outside of Nepal. This support came naturally when a German visitor to Nepal, Mr. Lothar Pirc, recognized instantly that the application of the Pandit’s unique skills and extensive training which are utilized in the performance of the Yagya, had an immediate effect in calming his mind and experiencing more happiness.

In order to begin our partnership with the German support for this project, the articles of the newly founded Nepal Maharishi Foundation for Vedic Culture were adjusted to the German legal requirements for charitable organizations. This enables the Deutsche Stiftung zur Förderung des Vedischen Welkulturerbes in Germany to accept donations for work in Nepal which are tax deductible. The donors to both the Nepal and German Foundations will be informed on a regular basis of the expenses and progress of the project and are cordially invited to visit the project at any time to experience firsthand their donations at work.

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has already revived much of the Vedic tradition of Pandit Oral Recitation and Performances in India and their interpretation as an expression of a timeless science of consciousness. This approach is being applied in Nepal as well for use in reviving its own Vedic Tradition.

According to the objectives of both the German and Nepal Foundations, donations will be spent on living costs for the Pandits, leasing, as well as erecting schools and boarding schools in Nepal for running the educational training. This would enable the children from the traditional Vedic families to get a vocational training as Vedic Experts (Pandits).




Vedic Pandits doing recitation in the

Therefore the foundation’s vision is to provide employment to Pandits, already trained in this profession, to carry out on a permanent basis the performance of Vedic Recitations and Yagyas. In addition the foundation will provide for the further care and training of the young Pandit students and experienced Pandit teachers and administrators will be employed, receiving a salary and room and board. The children from villages in which there have been no options for professional Pandit training will also receive room and board during their Pandit training from the foundation.

Our Nepal Leadership Team consists of:

Deepak Baskota

The Foundation’s Chairman:
Deepak Baskota
- former Nepal Home Minister of State, former Chairman of the Nepal Federation of Cooperatives and current Director of Kanchenjunga Tea Estates.
Royal Lillge (MBA) and Robert Wallace are assisting Mr. Baskota and are also functioning as the permanent representatives of the Deutsche Stiftung zur Förderung des Vedischen Weltkulturerbes in order to ensure the proper use of the donations in accordance with the articles of charitable organizations.

Additional Members of the Leadership Team:
Dilli Adhikari – Supervisor of the Recitation and Yagya Programs
Nandana Pathak – Certified Public Accountant
Arjun Koirala – Civil Engineer and Vastu Coordinator
Samikchya Baskota – Legal Counsel
Tikaram Pathak – Bookkeeper